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ISP Exclusive: Lucian Perkins  The two-time Pulitzer Prize photojournalist Lucian Perkins discusses his introduction into photography, his time at The Washington Post, and the future of the photojournalist.

The Curious Case of Kevin Carter: 20 Years Later  The image that won Kevin Carter the Pulitzer Prize has risen beyond the realm of mere fame, becoming in some ways a strange cultural institution- universal knowledge recognized by all, whether or not they know anything about Carter or the Sudan.

On the Ethics of Photography  Does encountering danger create in the viewer an obligation to provide aid? Shannon Buchanan tackles this question and explores the conflict in ideologies as to whether...

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Featured Photo Madrid, Spain hard shadows

Fabio Astolpho


Happy Mountain

Statement: In the streets of major cities thousands of people come and go every day. The world is filled, few places remain vacant. But in the midst of so many and so much, silence can be heard in one click. And at this moment we can see the urban loneliness. Happy Mountain tries to show seconds lost in time that translate the silence of the loneliness of people in large cities. 

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Exhibition of the Month

Josef Koudelka

The Art Institute of Chicago, June 7 - September 14, 2014

Czech-born French artist Josef Koudelka belongs in the firmament of classic photographers working today. Honored with the French Prix Nadar (1978), the Hasselblad Prize (1992), and the International Center of Photography Infinity Award (2004), Koudelka is also a leading member of the world-renowned photo agency Magnum. This exhibition, his first retrospective in the United States since 1988, is also the first museum show ever to emphasize his original vintage prints, period books, magazines, and significant unpublished materials.

Koudelka became famous in anonymity through the worldwide publication of his daring photographs of the Soviet-led invasion of Prague in August 1968. Just 30 years old at the time,...

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A Look Back

Jacques-Henri Lartigue (June 13, 1894- September 12, 1986) by Alyssa Mammano

Although French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue is best known for his photos, he considered himself a painter, first and foremost. Lartigue began taking photographs at the age of seven, with a large-plate camera that he had to operate by standing on a stool. He photographed his interests: Automobiles and beautiful women, along with candid shots of his family and friends. His parents, who were well off, recognized Lartigue’s passion for photography at a young age, and gifted him with a Brownie No. 2 the following year.

Throughout his childhood and early adulthood Lartigue captured photos of famous events such as the Coupe Gordon Bennett, the French Grand Prix, tennis championships such as the French Open...

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